Guard Your Senior Housing Center with Water Leak Detection

As any manager or owner of a senior housing center can tell you, when repairs are needed, it can cause a major disruption – especially if the repairs are extensive. The water system in senior living facilities is one system that must not go down. It is essential that all senior housing and care center managers are diligent about water leak protection and having alerts in place for leak detection.

Why You Need Water Leak Detection

A small water leak within your water system can lead to major damage. It might only be a drop or two of water coming out at a time, but if you don’t know it’s happening, it will continue to cause damage for a long time. Then before you know it you need to replace an entire floor or ceiling because the water damage is so extensive.

This is why you need constant monitoring of your water system. When water begins to leak out of a system, it causes a change in pressure. By monitoring for pressure changes, you can know when there is a leak within your system, even if you not quite sure where. You can then begin the process of having the problem addressed before it snowballs into something much bigger.

Detect Water Leaks with the Water Pilot

To detect leaks early, have the Water Pilot installed within your water system. The Water Pilot monitors your water system 24/7, and if it detects any issues, sends an alert to connected smart devices. This means no more wondering if you are experiencing a problem with leaks or water pressure. If you aren’t receiving any notifications on your phone, everything is fine.

Besides monitoring for issues, the Water Pilot can also help to reduce your monthly utility bill. Most water meters are unable to tell the difference between water passing through the system and any air pockets within it. This means you are paying for water that you’re not actually using. The Water Pilot works by compressing these air pockets so that the water meter doesn’t register them, making it more accurate.

Get Started with the Water Pilot

With the Water Pilot installed you can not only save money on your utility bill each month, but you won’t have to spend as much on repairs. Trying to do major repairs within a senior housing facility is no easy task, so you’re better off addressing problems as early as possible. Contact Water Pilot, LLC today to get started and give yourself some peace of mind.