Let the Water Pilot Protect Your Grocery Store Against Water Leaks

Water systems play a major role in the daily operations of any grocery store or super market. Without a smoothly operating system, there can be big consequences. That’s why water leak protection is critical for grocery stores and supermarkets. Having water leak detection alerts in place will constantly monitor the system and can save businesses money in the long run.

How the Water Pilot Detects Leaks

The Water Pilot is a new technology that gets installed directly within your water system, right before the water meter. It runs 24/7, monitoring for changes in water pressure. If it detects any issues with your water pressure – a sign that you have a leak – then it sends an alert to any connected smart device. This means you can monitor your water system right from your smartphone and stop worrying about whether or not you have an undetected leak.

Other Benefits of the Water Pilot

However, the Water Pilot does more than just monitor for changes in water pressure – it also cuts down your water bill. In most water systems, the water meter measures the volume passing through the system. The problem is that it can’t tell the difference between water passing through or air pockets. This means that when air passes through the water meter, it registers as water, and you get charged more.

The Water Pilot works by compressing these air pockets and making them undetectable to the water meter. From the moment this device is installed, you’ll not only have peace of mind regarding leak protection, but you’ll also start saving money on your water bill.

Get Started with the Water Pilot

Poor water pressure and leaks can cause major problems for your supermarket or grocery store. When you have poor water pressure, it lowers the life expectancy of everything connected to your water systems, making the need for repairs and replacements more frequent.

To cut back on the number of repairs, and the severity of those repairs, you need the Water Pilot. You have enough to worry about at your store without having to constantly fix your plumbing, worry about leaks, or wonder if you are paying too much on your water bill.

For more information about how the Water Pilot works, please contact Water Pilot, LLC today. Our installation process comes with a free analysis of your current water usage and an estimate as to how much you can save with the Water Pilot. We also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee should your savings not reach our estimates.