Water Leak Detection and Alerts for Your Car Wash

Every car wash business uses a large amount of water daily. Hundreds or thousands of gallons flow through the water system each day. If a water leak sprung anywhere in this system, it could cause significant problems for the business. That’s why water leak protection, including having detection alerts in place is important for every car wash or auto detailing center.

The Importance of Water Leak Detection and Protection

When water can get into places it shouldn’t, it starts to cause damage. We all know what happens if water is left sitting on a piece of wood, for example – it rots. The longer you let water leak out of your system, no matter how small the amount, the more damage it will cause.

On top of that, water leaks cost you money. Every drop that leaks out of your system is a drop of water you are paying for without using. And, when the water pressure in your system is low, it can cause anything attached to it to break down. Now you’re not only wasting money on unused water, but you’re calling in the repair service more often.

Using the Water Pilot for Leak Detection

The Water Pilot is a certified NSF-61 device that gets installed directly within your water system, right before the water meter. Once inside, it monitors the water pressure of your system and will alert you if it detects any problems. The user gets an alert right on their smart device, so they can know the second there is a leak or other issue within their system.

Besides monitoring for leak detection, the Water Pilot can also help to reduce your water bill each month. Within most water systems there are pockets of air that the water meter counts as water. This means you are paying for water that you’re not using, driving up your bill. The Water Pilot acts to remove these air pockets so that they can pass through the water meter undetected.

Getting Started with the Water Pilot

To protect your car wash against water leaks, you need to know as soon as they happen. The Water Pilot can help you do this, all while lowering your monthly water bill. If you’d like to learn more about how the Water Pilot works or to get your free monthly savings estimate, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.