The Importance of Water Leak Protection and Detection in Hotels and Resorts

Water plays an essential role in any hotel or resort. You need to supply constant water pressure to all your guests, keep the kitchens running, and ensure there are no problems with the bathrooms, among other things. For hotel and resort owners and managers, the importance of water leak protection and detection is obvious. Not only will this keep your guests happy but protect the property’s finances at the same time.

Why Water Leak Detection is So Important

If there is even a tiny leak within your water system, it can cause a large amount of damage over time, but it will drive up your monthly costs. Imagine if you had a tiny leak within one of your pipes. The water seeping out would not only cause damage to the surrounding area, but you would also be paying for water that you’re not even using.

By the time the leak has caused enough damage to become noticeable, you’ve wasted a ton of money on your monthly utility bill and you must now pay even more for repairs.

Now imagine you could receive an alert on your mobile device whenever an issue with your water pressure was detected. Water pressure changes when there is a leak in the system, so even if you didn’t notice it at first, you would still get an alert on your phone. You could then address the leak early, potentially saving your hotel or resort thousands of dollars.

How the Water Pilot Can Help

The Water Pilot is a new piece of proprietary technology that can help you detect and protect against leaks. This certified NSF-61 device is installed directly within your system and constantly monitors for changes in water pressure. If it detects any problems, it will instantly send out an alert to a connected mobile device, so that the manager of the property can address the issue.

With the Water Pilot installed in your water system, you won’t have to worry about water leaking without you knowing. On top of that, the Water Pilot improves the accuracy of your water meter by compressing air bubbles before they pass through. So, not only is it saving you money by reducing the number of repairs you need but by making your water meter more accurate.

Don’t Let Leaks Derail Your Hotel or Resort

Running a hotel or resort is hard enough without having to constantly wonder if there are leaks somewhere in your system. Contact Water Pilot, LLC today to learn more about how the Water Pilot can help guard your property against leaks and lower your monthly operating costs.