Reduce & Monitor Water Usage in Hotels, Resorts. Slash or Reduce your water and sewer expenses 15% or more.

How Hotels and Resorts Can Reduce and Monitor Their Water Usage

Running a hotel or resort is no easy business. In addition to operating an efficient property, you find yourself coping with the high cost of seamlessly keeping everything running perfectly. On top of all the operations you need to run efficiently, there are the high costs of keeping everything running well. If a hotel or resort can find a way to reduce their expenses, without sacrificing the quality their customers have come to expect, they should take it. Luckily, there’s a way to do so, and it has to do with their water consumption.

Water Consumption Issues That Hotels and Resorts Face

There are several different issues that hotels and resorts face when it comes to water consumption. Most water meters measure everything passing through the pipes and your monthly expenses are based on this volume. However, these water meters can’t tell the difference between water and air. This means that if there are air pockets within your pipes, you are getting charged extra.

Finally, plumbing repairs and appliance and fixture replacement are a major cost for many property operators of hotels and resorts. 

Broken toilets, showers, or leaky sinks are always a problem. If there’s even a tiny issue with your plumbing system, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise, you are missing out on potential additional revenue that’s currently going down the drain, lost forever. Every time you need to call the plumbing service company or the facility maintenance company you outsource it which costs money, so you don’t want to do this more often than you need to.

Benefits of Using the Water Pilot System

The Water Pilot System is a 3rd generation, patent pending TECHNOLOGY THAT SOLVED ALL YOUR WATER RELATED PROBLEMS. To start,YOUR WATER AND SEWER BILL WILL GO DOWN 15% or more, your natural gas or electricity costs related to heating water will be reduced 10% or more.

The Water Pilot System optimizes your properties water flow rate to match your properties peak gallons per minute demand, it prevents air that is naturally occurring in a water supply from passing through a water meter and entering your pipes. By preventing these air bubbles, the water meter will report more accurate usage readings, leading to cost savings on water usage. 

Next, it provides real-time monitoring of your water system. With the Water Pilot installed, you’ll have more information about where your system is inefficient and you will be able to detect leaks quickly. Because you will receive real-time alerts via text email or phone,  24/7/365, monitoring is the best way to spot issues quickly before they start raising your expenses.

Finally, the Water Pilot optimizes your water flow rate OPTIMIZATION which increases the lifespan of your plumbing system, reduces plumbing repair calls, and extends fixture and appliances useful lifecycle. Water Pilot’s patent pending valve technology ensures you’ll be calling the plumbing repair services less, which saves you money.

Getting Started

The sooner you get started with the Water Pilot, the sooner you’ll start saving money. Once you contact Water Pilot, LLC, you’ll begin a 5-step process which includes a complete analysis of your system, so that you can see your potential savings before signing up. If you like what you see, you’ll be happy to know that Water Pilot manufactures it’s system in the USA, installs its products and services nationwide, provides all the proof of savings reports you’ll need and offers a no money down equipment finance program. Your monthly savings will be far greater than your monthly lease cost. Have Water Pilot install the system at your property and you’ll be amazed as you watch savings and your increase in positive cash flow pile up!

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