Reduce, Monitor Water Usage in Grocery Stores, Super Markets

How to Monitor and Reduce Water Usage in Your Grocery Store

Water consumption is one of the highest expenses for a lot of super markets. You need water for everything, from keeping fruits and vegetables clean to washing dishes to the plumbing in the bathrooms. If you don’t keep a constant eye on your water usage and look for ways to reduce consumption, the bills could quickly pile up.

The Benefits of Monitoring and Reducing Water Usage

The biggest benefit of reducing water consumption is that it will lower your water bill. When you can save money in one area, you can then put this money towards better uses. For example, with the savings you receive, you can lower your prices to help customers, hire more employees to reduce line times, or even offer your current employees a raise. 

To get the most savings, however, you also need to constantly monitor your water usage. By installing a monitoring system, you can be notified whenever there is a leak or other issue with your water supply. You can then fix the issue before it ends up costing you even more. 

How the Water Pilot Can Help

The Water Pilot is a new tool that can be installed within your water system. Most water systems measure the amount of volume passing through the system to determine your bill – meaning it measures both water and any are pockets within it. The Water Pilot works to remove those air pockets so that only water is passing through the meter, which saves you money.

With the Water Pilot, you’ll also have steady pressure throughout the system. Optimized pressure is the key to long-lasting plumbing systems. By optimizing the pressure throughout your grocery store, you won’t need to call in a plumbing repair service as often, which is yet another expense you can avoid.

Finally, the Water Pilot will alert you immediately if there are any issues within your water system. This real-time monitoring is essential if you want to catch problems early and keep your system running efficiently.

Getting Started with the Water Pilot

If you’re going to spend so much money on water each month, you want to know that you’re getting the most value for your dollar. The Water Pilot will help to ensure that you not only pay for only the water that you use, but it will monitor your system so you can handle any issues A.S.A.P. To learn more about how the Water Pilot can help your grocery store, super market please contact us today.